Bag Holder Clips (pack Of 2)
Bag Holder Clips (pack Of 2)
Bag Holder Clips (pack Of 2)
Bag Holder Clips (pack Of 2)
  • Material: Plastic
  • Ziploc baggie holder clip
  • Foldable clips for easy storage
  • Comes with a non-slip rubber base
  • Adjustable arms securely hold the bags
  • Supports different heights & sizes
  • Space-saver & mess-free
  • The pack consists of 2 storage bag holder clips

Ever find yourself in a situation where you wished you had an extra set of hands? 

While trying to put the leftover pasta sauce or spaghetti into a Ziploc bag, marinating the meat or veggies for BBQ and salsa in the plastic bag?

No matter how much you attempt to do it like a pro, still, half of the stuff ends up on the counter and not in the bag.

Of course, you can ask your partner or siblings to hold the end to help you out but they won’t be there every time.

But, you know what can be your personal bag holding assistant till the very end? These Ziploc bag holder clips

Just secure the bag inside the clips, and fill it with ease. No more messy countertops!

What you’ll get:

  • Effortless food storage: Whether you're ready to marinate tonight's dinner or you've just whipped up a fresh batch of zesty salsa, odds are pretty good that you're going to keep it in a plastic storage bag. But, how are you going to hold that bag open and pour your mixture in at the same time? With our clever and oh-so-easy-to-use bag holder clip your wish is granted and you're an extra set of hands is here to rescue you! 

  • Won’t lose the hold: The Ziploc bag holder has a rubber, non-slip base that holds the rack in place, so you can easily fill it with food.

  • Suitable for different bags: The adjustable arms and clips securely hold a variety of bags of different heights and sizes, allowing you to easily and neatly fill or pour. It's just like having an extra set of hands in the kitchen! When you're finished, the Clip folds flat for easy storage.

  • Convenient: The hands free bag holder will let you be free while you put the leftover noodles or meat marination in it. You don’t need to look for someone to help you out with stuff anymore. It will be your personal kitchen assistant!

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Bag Holder Clips (pack Of 2)

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