Play & Party Ice Shot Maker Tray
Play & Party Ice Shot Maker Tray
Play & Party Ice Shot Maker Tray
Play & Party Ice Shot Maker Tray
Play & Party Ice Shot Maker Tray
  • Made of food-safe silicone rubber
  • Capacity: one pack makes 4 cool shooters
  • Easy to clean & store
  • Ideal for parties

This ice shot glass maker tray is the COOLEST most innovative design, ever!

What party would be complete without ice-cold shots?

Whether you decide to drink Tequila, Rum, Vodka, or Jagermeister, your options are anything but limited with these silicone ice trays. These ice shot glass molds are perfect for making any alcoholic beverages cold and frosty, and are sure to take your party to the next level.

What you’ll get:

  • Perfect way of enjoying drinks: Liquor is nice, but these frozen shot glass molds are for so much more than just booze! Fill your icy shot glass with just about any kind of liquid refreshment and enjoy a tasty and truly unique treat. 

  • Kids’ favorite: Kids love these cool, ice cups and will enjoy drinking everything from milk, to juice, and even water from them. Get really creative and freeze pieces of fruit in your ice shot glass maker, as well. You can create your own drink list with the variety of concoctions that you'll think up!

  • Perfect for summer picnics: These little cups are perfect for outdoor treats on hot summer days. You can freeze water with a few drops of food coloring, for added flair or freeze them using one kind of juice and fill them with another, to drink.

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Play & Party Ice Shot Maker Tray

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